July 17, 2017 - By Louis Casey


Penny stock shareholders are becoming inquisitive about ZENTRIC INCORPORATED (OTCMKTS:ZNTR), following the fact that the share price has moved $-0.0001, reaching the $0.0001 price level in a recent trade.

A big benefit of investing in small-cap shares is that there is a prospect to outpace the institutional investors. In addition, mutual funds have limits controlling their power to purchase large lots of any one firm’s outstanding shares.

It’s the latest price, but let’s analyze how the stock has been doing recently. In the past year, ZENTRIC INCORPORATED’s stock was big mover. According to the short interest report published recently, (ZNTR) had 110,000 shorted shares for 0.1 days to cover. The prior short interest was 100,000 for a $10.00 change. The 52-Week High and Low are noted here. Infinity (High), Infinity, (Low). The stock had 1.02M average volume.

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As seen in stock market, the first point in investing in penny shares is to earn money. A popular trait of penny shares is that they move quickly and are extremely volatile. Penny shares are mainly stocks of small cap firms that can be open to change in industry conditions and stock market sentiments. Though penny shares are generally stated to be dicey, a trader can make massive amount of money in a short period of time, as against bigger, so-named ‘blue chip’ shares and mutual funds, which need a long-term plan.

Needless to state, investing in penny stock is not a right choice for the risk-averse, and only non-essential disposable income or ‘play money’ should be put in penny stocks. In no way are these stocks termed as the conservative investments and traders who play them are willing to take risks with invested capital. Penny stock shareholders must be prepared to put on stake their entire investment. Penny stocks trade fast in directions, recording massive downticks or upticks in few hours.

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Anticipated penny stock investors should learn and gain knowledge of the penny stock market. They must conduct intense research of a firm they might want to invest their money into. Learning can start by enrolling to a penny stock newsletter which offers informative penny stock recommendations. Gathering data as much as you can that is related to the penny stock world is tremendously vital if you want to earn money in trading. It is highly suggested that you enter into the market with a small amount of capital to lessen the risk if you incur a loss.

Disclaimer: The information, views, and opinions expressed in this publication are those of the writers and do not necessarily shows the position or official policy of any company financial professionals, analysts or stakeholders. Examples of assessment performed within this publication are just examples. They should not be used to make financial decisions or stock portfolio as they are based merely on open source and limited information. Assumptions taken within the study are not indicative of the position of any financial professionals or analysts.

More news for Zentric Inc (OTCMKTS:ZNTR) were recently published by: Prnewswire.com, which released: “Zentric Inc. Opens New Office in New York” on June 07, 2012. Prnewswire.com‘s article titled: “Zentric, Inc. Establishes a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary in Hong Kong, China” and published on December 15, 2011 is yet another important article.

Zentric, Inc. is a battery technology company. The company has market cap of $192,713. The Company’s technology incorporates high voltages dual electrolytes to produce higher voltages and power. It currently has negative earnings. The business of Constant Environment is a division of the Company.

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