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Kent A. Grimm


Kent A. Grimm is an investor. He prefers to invest in his passion – biotech stocks. During the day time he works as an engineer. He has a tight connection to healthcare area. His investment analysis usually based on personal experience.

Kent can advise buying stocks only in case he believes they have high potential.

His main specialty is micro-cap and biotech shares.

Lewis P. Gonzales


Lewis is an investor at the crypto currency market. It is his main attraction. He is optimistic about bitcoin and other crypto. He writes advices for crypto investors in popular financial magazines.

Kyle W. Victor


Kyle is retired physics instructor. All his free time he spends on writing articles for his blog. He works as an editor now. His blog is dedicated to investments.

Jamie J. Chase


Jamie main specialty is value, dividends and portfolio strategy. An interesting fact from her bio – she worked as a pharmacist before her retirement. After losing one job, she learned how to make money on the nest egg growing, and picking dividends.

Jamie is interested in the total return, which follows the buy of great companies. However, it is not her main goal.

In her portfolio almost 90 huge companies’ shares are represented. She loves to become the part of their success, making smart investments.